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Aural Sex

Listen up ladies. This is not fake news. Last week we celebrated International Female Orgasm Day. So, how was it for you? I hope you were oh…Oh!!!…OHHHHHH! ver joyed. If you were left high and…

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Get Ready For The Roaring 20’s, Party Animals

Are you ready to party? Because the “roaring 20’s” are on their way. World War 1 followed by the Spanish flu pandemic ensured that the 1920’s also got off to a bad start. But when…

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Thanks for the mammaries

As the mammogram nurse squished my breast between two cold slabs, I cried out as if in the Inquisitioner’s torture dungeon. “The trouble is, your breasts are sitting very close to your chest,” she commiserated….

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Fake News

I have fake news. Honestly. Not a Trump ‘alternative truth” but real, scientific evidence from two English Universities which reveals that 80% of women have faked pleasure to please a partner. “Women report using these…

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Musings on International Women’s Day

It’s fitting to be in Adelaide on International Women’s Day, as South Australia was the first place in the world to give women the vote. And yet, 128 years later, I despair at how blokey…

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International Women’s Day

On 8th March 2012, as part of International Women’s Day, I took part in the “Join me on the Bridge” campaign in London. Women and men gathered on bridges all around the world to take…

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