Love is Blind (Quick Reads)

But marriage is a real eye opener

When Jane decides to move to the Australian outback in search of a husband, her sister Anthea thinks she’s mad.

But then again, the sisters have never seen eye-to-eye. Anthea is slim, beautiful and has a perfect life and fiancé. Jane has always felt like the ugly duckling in comparison.

But when Anthea follows her sister Down Under to try and save Jane from this latest crazy plan, she ends up taking a walk on the wild side herself…

Love is Blind is part of Quick Reads – a series of short and engaging books for adult readers who are less confident with their reading skills.

You can find out more about Quick Reads over here.

Brims with a glut of mordant wit, hyperbole and acerbic repartee.

The Lady

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One Comment

  • As a 53 lady who has never read a book from cover to cover, I would love to start my love of Kathy Lette books by reading “Love is Blind”.

    I would hope that Kathy’s books are shipped to Australia, particularly considering her roots and that the book seems to take place in Australia “Down Under”.

    Large books stores in Australia do not supply “Love is Blind”, they only have a select few available for purchase. As this is a book specifically for “less confident” readers, I would really like to begin reading fiction that is not too overwhelming.

    Thank you and I hope to be able to purchase a copy of the book.


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