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What do women really want in bed? Breakfast. Oh, and a good book. If you’re looking for a funny, frivolous yet feisty new read, do take me to bed with you. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Forget all the pretenders to the chick-lit crown, the tiara belongs to Kathy Lette and she’s got the novels to prove it”.

- Daily Mirror

Best Laid Plans

Even the best laid plans become unstuck...
Courting Trouble - find out more

Courting Trouble

Meet the all-female law firm on a mission to champion women...
Love is Blind

Love is Blind (Quick Reads)

Written for adults who are less confident readers
The Boy who Fell to Earth

The Boy Who Fell To Earth

The tale of a single mum raising a child with Aspergers
Men: A User's Guide

Men: A User’s Guide

Witticisms and wise cracks about the opposite sex
To Love Honour and Betray

To Love, Honour and Betray

Divorce, lust, toy boys & raising a teenage daughter

Nip ‘N’ Tuck

Beauty. One of the most natural things that money can buy…

Dead Sexy

A satire on the Sex War set on an idyllic honeymoon island

Altar Ego

An antidote to “Bridget Jones” and finding Mr Right

Mad Cows

Perfect mothers only exist in American sit coms…
Foetal Attraction

Foetal Attraction

My satire on the trials and tribulations of pregnancy
The Llama Parlour

The Llama Parlour

A satire on Hollywood where they don’t shoot enough directors!

Girls’ Night Out

It’s about sex in the city (long before the infamous series)

Puberty Blues

My first novel - an Australian cult classic.