About me

I left school at sixteen to become a writer...

The only examination I’ve ever passed is my cervical smear test.

I penned my first novel Puberty Blues aged 17, as revenge on the surfie boys with whom I grew up. The blokes disproved the theory of evolution – they were evolving into apes.

The book became a cult classic proving that poetic justice is the only true justice in the world – and I say that having been married to a lawyer!

Dropping your own name is quite a weird art form, so I’m going to let my publishers do it for me instead...


Kathy Lette is a celebrated and outspoken comic writer who has an imitable take on serious current issues. She is one of the pioneering voices of contemporary feminism, paving the way for Caitlin Moran and Lena Dunham.

She first achieved succès de scandale as a teenager with the novel Puberty Blues, which was made into a major film and a TV mini-series.

After several years as a singer with the Salami Sisters, a newspaper columnist in Sydney and New York, and as a television sitcom writer for Columbia Pictures in Los Angeles, Kathy wrote numerous international bestsellers including Mad Cows (which was made into a film starring Joanna Lumley and Anna Friel), How to Kill Your Husband and Other Handy Household Hints (recently staged by the Victorian Opera, Australia), To Love, Honour and Betray and The Boy Who Fell To Earth.

Her twenty novels have been published in nineteen languages around the world, and she is also an ambassador for The National Autistic Society, Their World and Ambitious about Autism.

In 2004 she was the London Savoy Hotel’s Writer in Residence, where a cocktail named after her can still be ordered.

Kathy is an autodidact (a word she obviously taught herself), but has three honorary doctorates.

Kathy recently completed a tour of her one-woman show, "Girls Night Out", and is pleased to report that she didn't fall out with the cast. She cites her career highlights as once teaching Stephen Fry a word, Salman Rushdie the limbo, and scripting Julian Assange’s cameo in the Simpsons 500th episode.

Kathy has two children and divides her time between Sydney and London.

My books

Read at your own risqué

What do women really want in bed? Breakfast. Oh, and a good book. If you’re looking for a funny, frivolous yet feisty new read, do slip between my covers. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Rogues gallery

The things I get up to when I should be writing….

I’ve added some of my favourite photos of the people who are my human wonder bras – uplifting and supportive and making me look bigger and better. There may be a few faces here you recognise – but nobody two-faced, that’s for sure.

One-liners, wise cracks and witticisms

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