Till Death, or a Little Light Maiming, Do Us Part

A revenge caper extraordinaire!

When Jason Riley goes missing, feared killed by a shark, his family – make that families – have many questions.

Hearing a news report that a man on his morning swim has been taken by a Great White, teacher Gwen races to the beach, and finds all that remains of Jason Riley, her husband, is his swimming cap and a piece of torn, blood-stained wetsuit.

Her shock and heartbreak are soon interrupted by a woman screeching to a halt on a motorbike. Tish screams for information, convinced it’s her husband who’s been taken by the man-eater. Gwen reassures her that Jason Riley is the man who’s perished. ‘I know! Jason Riley’s my husband!’ Tish sobs.

A terrific, raunchy romp with heart! Just what we need right now.


Fabulous, fast-paced, funny & unapologetically female. Nobody does it better.


One-liners, wise cracks and witticisms