If your man did the dirty on you, would you get mad or get even? And how far would you go to settle the score?

They tell you revenge is sweet.

They also tell you revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, no. Vichyssoise is best served cold. Revenge is best served steaming hot, atop an exocet missile, aimed with military precision, as part of an exacting plan, cooked up between you and your gal pals.

When Jason Riley goes missing, feared killed by a great white shark, his wife Gwen is inconsolable….But so is another grief stricken wife, Tish. Is Jason really a bigamist? And where is their money..?  As our odd couple set off on a comedic romp around the world to retrieve their life savings, will an unlikely friendship ensue? Or will Tish and Gwen be at each other’s throats before you can say ‘lost luggage’?

In other words, buckle up your psychological seat belt for a wild ride….

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