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Mad Cows

Hollywood, How to be a mother, Only in America

A huge hit for me. It was the first novel to take the sacred cow that motherhood is the ultimate fulfillment for a female, and whack it on the Barbie. No matter how much you love your progeny, there are those days when you’re tempted to whack them back into the condom vending machine for the refund. Always remember that perfect mothers only exist in American sit coms. The book was made into a movie staring Anna Friel and Joanna Lumley and spawned a whole new genre – “Mummy Lit.”

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Breaks through taboos with a wit so daring that you’ll grasp at her bravado before you laugh out loud.”

– Elle

“She has a black belt in tongue-fu. Karate-chopped my funny bones in half.”

– Richard E. Grant

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