Mad Cows

The sequel to Foetal Attraction

Washed up in London and trying her best to raise her new-born son alone, Madeleine Wolfe is looking forward to taking her mind off things with some retail therapy – even if her budget stretches to prunes rather than Prada. But her day out takes an unexpected turn for the worse when she is mistakenly arrested in Harrods for shoplifting…

Detained with baby Jack in Holloway Prison’s Mother and Baby Unit, there’s only one man Maddy can turn to for help clearing her name: the father of her baby and ex-lover Alex.

Things have been bumpy between Maddy and Alex to say the least – there’s the wife and children he omitted to mention for starters. He’s also in the middle of launching his political career and needs to protect his wholesome image.

But he won’t let Maddy down when she needs him most… will he?

Praise for Kathy

Breaks through taboos with a wit so daring that you’ll grasp at her bravado before you laugh out loud.

Elle Magazine

She has a black belt in tongue-fu. Karate-chopped my funny bones in half.

Richard E. Grant

One-liners, wise cracks and witticisms

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