The Boy Who Fell To Earth

A story of a mother's love for her son...

Meet Merlin. He’s Lucy’s bright, beautiful son – who just happens to be autistic.

Since Merlin’s father left them in the lurch, Lucy has made Merlin the centre of her world.

Struggling with the joys and tribulations of raising her adorable yet challenging child (if only Merlin came with operating instructions), Lucy doesn’t have room for any other man in her life.

By the time Merlin turns ten, Lucy is seriously worried that the Pope might start ringing her up for tips on celibacy, so resolves to dip a toe back into the world of dating. Thanks to Merlin’s candour and quirkiness, things don’t go quite to plan…

Love for the book

A funny and moving tale.

The Daily Express

A voice of truth behind the gags… This is writing that excels.

The Independent

Wisecracking columnist and writer Kathy Lette focuses her razor wit on the realities of raising a child with autism… There are plenty of laughs, but the boy is portrayed with great tenderness. A great read, moves along at a fair old pace and is often very funny… A highly entertaining and accurate description of the lows – and highs – of loving a child with Asperger syndrome.

National Autism Society Magazine

The Boy Who Fell to Earth is an engaging novel about the love between a mother and son… and it is as good as anything Lette has written.

The Sunday Times

A departure for Lette, best known for pun-tastic romantic comedies, but she’s managed to weld all this darkness to her usual glittering style with surprising success.

Wendy Holden, The Daily Mail

Moving, funny and different.

Woman & Home Magazine

One-liners, wise cracks and witticisms

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