Nip ‘N’ Tuck

A romp through the ugly side of the beauty industry

Journalist Lizzie McPhee has always thought of beauty as a case of mind over matter – if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

But all that changes when she begins the countdown towards the big 4-0. Suddenly, she’s comparing her butt buoyancy to that of women on billboards and worrying about wrinkles.

But the pitter-pitter-pat of tiny crow’s feet is soon the least of Lizzie’s worries. In the space of twenty four hours, she is replaced as news anchor by a young himbo who keeps fit by doing step aerobics off his own ego. And then she catches her surgeon husband Hugo cheating with catty soap actress Britney Amore – a woman whose bra cup size is bigger than her IQ.

Praise for Kathy

Forget all the pretenders to the chick-fic crown, the tiara belongs to Kathy Lette and she’s got the novels to prove it.

The Daily Mirror

Chick lit gets a welcome facelift… when she caricatures the charlatans of the beauty profession, she is almost Dickensian.

The Observer

Dorothy Parker-esque… A wisecracking caper with hidden depths.

The Sunday Times

One-liners, wise cracks and witticisms

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