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Nip ‘N’ Tuck

Getting old ungracefully, TV series

This book, written before the TV series, is a send up of cosmetic surgery. Women suffer from facial prejudice – we get judged on our looks in a way that men don’t. Obviously beauty comes from within – within a jar marked “Anti Wrinkle Cream”. Yep, beauty is one of the most natural things… which money can buy. But why would you want a man who only wants you because you’re silicone from tonsils to toenails? Besides which, my mother told me never to pick my nose – especially from a catalogue.

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Forget all the pretenders to the chick-fic crown, the tiara belongs to Kathy Lette and she’s got the novels to prove it.”

– Daily Mirror

“Dorothy Parker-esque… A wisecracking caper with hidden depths.”

– Sunday Times

“Chick lit gets a welcome facelift… when she caricatures the charlatans of the beauty profession, she is almost Dickensian.”

– Observer

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