Altar Ego

How do you know which one is Mr. Right?

“Query: would it be a serious breach of etiquette to run out on my own wedding?”

This is the question Becky Steele finds herself asking, on the morning of her very own wedding. Having finally managed to fit into her meringue dress after weeks of drinking only skimmed water, she is suddenly uncertain about what exactly she wants.

Yes, she loves Julian, but is she quite ready to become a proper grown-up, and give up on the joys of the single life? Julian might be the right man, but has she had enough wrong ones?

Things get more complicated still when temptation arrives in the form of gorgeous rockstar toy boy Zack. And it looks like Julian might be making a few contingency plans of his own…

Lette is queen of the wisecrack, the Mae West de nos jours… Hugely funny.

Kate Figes, Women's Journal

Bad girls will love it… Unfailingly delicious.

The Sunday Telegraph

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