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Altar Ego

Getting old ungracefully, Hollywood, Unholy matrimony

Optioned by Scott Rudin of “First Wives Club” and “Stepford Wives” fame.  I wrote it as an antidote to “Bridget Jones” and other books which promote the idea that a woman is nothing without a Knight in Shining Armani. And that once the snooze alarm goes off on her biological clock, she’s no longer looking for Mr. Right, but Mr. Kinda Okay, Mr. Too Corpses Short of a Serial Killer, just to get her eggs fertilized. In truth, marriage suits men much more than it suits women. Married men live longer than single men, have less heart disease and mental problems. While single women live longer than married women, have less heart disease and mental problems. Marriage stats are lower than Lady Ga Ga’s bikini line at the moment and I think it’s women who are getting P.M.T – pre monogamy tension.

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Bad girls will love it… Unfailingly delicious.”

– Sunday Telegraph

“Lette is queen of the wisecrack, the Mae West de nos jours… Hugely funny.”

– Kate Figes, Women’s Journal

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