The Revenge Club

Four scorned women. One perfect plan.

When the odds are against you, it’s time to get even.

Best friends Matilda, Penny, Cressida and Jo are approaching their sixties with flair until, one by one, their bubbles are burst.

Matilda, a bestselling novelist, is dropped by her publisher; Penny is cut from her prime-time TV show in favour of her male co-host; Cressida’s acting agent can only offer her female incontinence adverts and Jo… well Jo realised it’s still a man’s world a while ago.

Confronted by a society that believes they’re all past their amuse-by dates, the friends vow to face their non-entity crises together.

Each has been trampled on by men, so it’s time for a little revenge.

Let the games begin!

Praise for Kathy

The Revenge Club is erotic fan fiction for the peri-menopausal. But amid all the hilarity and blood-Letteing (see what I did there?) there beats a solid reminder that female friendships are the love affairs that never dim.

Annabel Crabb

One-liners, wise cracks and witticisms

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