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Dead Sexy

Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener

Why do men like intelligent women? Because opposites attract.

Kit Kincade, American, with diamond-studded ears and friends in low places, believes women are little more than a life support system to an ovary.

Shelly Green, pinstripe-underpanted, cultured, classical guitarist, thinks optimism is an eye disease and hates all men. The perfect pair? Yes, according to a ‘Desperate and Dateless’ reality TV competition.

A computer has matched them – physically and emotionally – with huge financial rewards if they can survive their five-star honeymoon on a paradise island. Kit and Shelly meet the day they are to be married…and it’s hate at first sight.

Praise for Kathy

The funniest thing to come out of Australia since the platypus, only much sexier!

Carl Hiaasen

One-liners, wise cracks and witticisms

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