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The Llama Parlour.

The Llama Parlour

Hollywood, Only in America

A satire on Hollywood, a place where they say “have a nice day” and then shoot you; a place where they shoot too much footage and not enough directors! The novel was inspired by my time in Los Angeles writing on a sit com called “The Facts of Life”, in which George Clooney made his screen debut.  The book was developed as a script but hasn’t made it to the big screen as yet.

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Funny, irreverent, smart. A hot writer with a wickedly hilarious pen’ Jackie Collins ‘It cheered me up’ Salman Rushdie ‘Laugh? I was nearly hospitalized … outrageous, rough and raunchy’ Cosmopolitan ‘The best one-liners you’re likely to see in print all year’.”

– Jonathan Coe, Guardian

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