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Covid made me choose between my 89 year old mum and my autistic son

Last week I joined the distraught ranks of people the world over who’ve felt the true cruelty of this vile Coronavirus. My mother is in intensive care in Australia and I can’t get home. There…

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Special needs in this specially needy time

Have you found the lock down nerve-wracking? Well, imagine what it’s like if you suffer from an anxiety disorder. Or if you’re caring for someone who does. My 29 year old son Jules is autistic….

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Hiring more autistic people in banking makes cents

Yesterday my son Jules, who’s autistic, opened the London stock exchange. (Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!) He was joining forces with an organisation called Purple who are trying to change the…

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Thinking Outside the Neurotypical Box

Earlier this week I posted a piece about my son Julius’ autistic journey from being badly bullied at school to winning a main part in BBC’s medical drama Holby City. The piece has already had…

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When my autistic son was nine he came home with a sign sticky-taped to his back saying “Kick me I’m a retard.” Tearing up, he stammered, “The kids call me a retard… What is a…

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Your comments on The Boy Who Fell to Earth

So many of you have been sharing thoughtful & heartfelt comments with Kathy on Facebook and Twitter about The Boy Who Fell to Earth and your own experiences of living with autism. Here are just…

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The Boy Who Fell to Earth – shining a light into the world of autism

As well as being a comedy romance, I do hope The Boy Who Fell to Earth shines a light into the world of autism and helps us all to be a little more understanding of…

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The Boy Who Fell to Earth – a romantic comedy with a pinch of social satire and a soupcon of heartbreak

The paperback of my latest novel The Boy Who Fell to Earth is out today and I’ve been thinking a lot about the best way to describe it. It’s basically a romantic comedy with a…

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My Family and other aliens

Aspergers. If onions make you cry, are there vegetables that make you happy? Is a harp just a nude piano? Is a vacuum cleaner a broom with a stomach? Is ‘mauve’ simply pink trying to…

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