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Dirty Little Secrets

It’s time to talk about our dirty little secrets. And no, I’m not referring to your R-rated risqué bedroom repertoire, chewed fingernails or cat fur balls swept under the rug. No, I’m talking about your…

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Life in the insular peninsular

I’m writing to you from my teenage bedroom. The David Bowie and Pink Floyd posters are still on the walls. My vinyl records remain stacked under the bed – Carole King, Carly Simon, Tubular Bells,…

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Strong Female Lead

This doco proves that dinosaurs still roam the earth. #StrongFemaleLead is succinct, powerful, well-paced + devastating.  A must watch for all Australians.  SBS 12th Sept. @sflfilm #MyFemaleLead #JuliaGillard https://fb.watch/7kmYz3vcq_/

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Competitive Parents

I can’t believe that Extreme Sports Enthusiasts, otherwise known as “organ donors” haven’t taken up ‘parenthood’ as the ultimate risk-taking thrill. Parenthood would be easier if you could be strapped into a simulator to experience…

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