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Are you annoyed by people?

Or are you just an annoying person…? The pandemic has given new meaning to the term “veiled comment.” The only advantage of social distancing has been mandatory mask wearing. Why? Because it allows you to…

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Vitamin S Injections

My lips have lost weight. I’m not kidding. They’re getting thinner. Not from sanctimonious disapproval but from over-exercise. The amount of chortling and chatting I’ve done since London’s lockdown eased is marathon-level. I may need…

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Get Ready For The Roaring 20’s, Party Animals

Are you ready to party? Because the “roaring 20’s” are on their way. World War 1 followed by the Spanish flu pandemic ensured that the 1920’s also got off to a bad start. But when…

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Special needs in this specially needy time

Have you found the lock down nerve-wracking? Well, imagine what it’s like if you suffer from an anxiety disorder. Or if you’re caring for someone who does. My 29 year old son Jules is autistic….

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Live with Better Reading

Recently, I had a chat with the lovely people at Better Reading about my new best seller – ‘HRT: Husband Replacement Therapy’ – via the technical wizardry of Facebook. I hope that you enjoy this…

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Sexing up a Corona cure

We may have to take the word “men’” out of Mensa because it is women who are outsmarting the clever coronavirus. In every country in the world, men are more likely to be admitted to…

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Corona uncoupling

“What’s in that brown paper bag on your desk?” I asked my girlfriend, over skype. “It’s a bottle of whiskey. I got it for my husband.” “What a great swap,” I laughed. She laughed too,…

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HRT: Husband Replacement Therapy

With the glimmer of hope that we’re emerging from hibernation, what will life be like after lockdown? Imagine it – no more supermarket queues so long there are Cro-Magnons at the front. The only lines…

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Testing Corona Positive

Are you testing positive for Corona? I don’t mean the vile disease. I mean, are you secretly enjoying self isolation? I know this deadly pandemic is terrifying, but much to my amazement, I am finding…

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