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Present Tense: Getting Tense About Presents.

I’m currently sobbing in a foetal ball. My condition? Severe P.P. – Prezzie Paranoia. With Santa already harnessing his reindeers, I still haven’t made any purchases. What to buy? It doesn’t help being a chronic…

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Vitamin S Injections

My lips have lost weight. I’m not kidding. They’re getting thinner. Not from sanctimonious disapproval but from over-exercise. The amount of chortling and chatting I’ve done since London’s lockdown eased is marathon-level. I may need…

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Discovering my inner viking with the great (though rather on the little side) dane, Sandi Toksvig

As I was sliding down a klit in my sitting suit, there was one thought on my mind – Danes really are Great. A ‘klit’, by the way, is a sand dune and a ‘sitting…

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Walking the Amalfi coast ‘Walk of the Gods’ to carpe the hell out of diem

What do woman most want? Besides being whisked off to a tropical isle where Chris Hemsworth licks caviar from your navel ‘neath a palm – I’d say a laugh with girlfriends and to lose weight….

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Cycling in the Loire Valley

“We’re going on a cycling trip,” Ruby Wax enthused, thrusting some hideous padded cycling pants at me. “Through the Loire.” The look on my face must have registered more surprise than the congregation at Oscar…

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Get Ready For The Roaring 20’s, Party Animals

Are you ready to party? Because the “roaring 20’s” are on their way. World War 1 followed by the Spanish flu pandemic ensured that the 1920’s also got off to a bad start. But when…

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Barry Humphries and Me

Isn’t it time we just put Dame Edna on a plinth so we can just worship her permanently? Wore my Edna specs and Aussie flag dress to premiere. (See picccie.) The show is hilarious, mischievous…

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