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Here’s a selection of scribblings in which I peel down to my emotional underwear – a psychological striptease that occasionally reveals all.

Birthday Blues?!

NEVER!! It was my birthday this week. Oops. Now you know my star sign. Not that I believe in astrology. As a Scorpio I’m naturally sceptical. (Ha ha.) Anyway, my darling daughter woke me with…

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Yes, I Love London But Why I’ll Always Call Australia Home

‘No Worries’ should be Australia’s national motto. It’s the first phrase I hear when I boomerang back to Australia from Britain each year for family fun in the sun. This laid-back response from an airport…

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Walking the Amalfi coast ‘Walk of the Gods’ to carpe the hell out of diem

What do woman most want? Besides being whisked off to a tropical isle where Chris Hemsworth licks caviar from your navel ‘neath a palm – I’d say a laugh with girlfriends and to lose weight….

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Welcome aboard the HMS Hedonism

Learning to sail with my sisters in the Whitsundays. Or rather – Who’ll be first to walk the plank? Life is made up of two types of people – the Haves and the Have Yachts….

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All men want…

When did you last have sex? Does your libido feel like a dog trying to nudge its dead owner back to life? Then you’re not alone. A married girlfriend of mine was relining the hamster…

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A Briefing on Mens’ Briefs

“A friend got mad at me for smelling my sister’s underwear,” a male pal joked recently. “I’m not exactly sure if it was because she was still wearing them or because the rest of the…

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Making headlines

Believe nearly everything you read...

Aired on December 3, 2020

BBC Radio 4

As part of the 'Great Lives' series Kathy chooses Hollywood's 'queen of the quip', Mae West. First played out in 2005.

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Aired on November 20, 2020


Kathy joined Jo Elvin and Richard Eden to talk about all things related to The Crown.

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Published on May 3, 2020

Sun Herald, Sydney

An article by Kathy entitled "Battle of the sexes winner is in - COVID has called it".

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My gallery

I’ve added some of my favourite photos to a gallery for you of the people who are my human wonder bras – uplifting and supportive and making me look bigger and better. There may be a few faces here you recognise – but nobody two-faced, that’s for sure. Now you’ll know the things I get up to when I should be writing….

One-liners, wise cracks and witticisms