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Here’s a selection of scribblings in which I peel down to my emotional underwear – a psychological striptease that occasionally reveals all.

Soap Oprah – Whose side are you on?

Harry and Meghan, The Palace or Republicanism? So, now the blood has soaked into the shagpile, what did you make of the Soap Oprah? I’ve been in Britain since the broadcast and let me tell…

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The low down on high heels

I confess – have a foot fetish; I adore designer shoes. Well, if you put your foot in your mouth as often as I do, it’s simply got to be well shod. As I’m only…

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The best mother’s day gift?

Time with my darling daughter. Teenagers are God’s punishment for having sex in the first place. Living with a teenage daughter is like living with the Taliban; mothers aren’t allowed to dance, sing, flirt, laugh…

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Abuse is deterring women from Political careers. Here’s how not to give a f*ck.

“*** you, you *** f-ing *** piece of ***!!!! ” Welcome to the wonderful world of politics. Poke your head above the parapet in public life and you’re rewarded with the verbal equivalent of rotten…

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Is the holiday romance over-rated? Some Valentine’s Day musings, or amusings, hopefully…

Love is such a powerful drug it really should be classified as a Class A addiction. And research shows that the best place to score the love drug is on vacation. According to a recent…

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Male dieting angst makes women lose our appetite

Women are always watching our weight – I can see it now, actually, right out there in front of me. So anxious are we about said muffin top, thunder thighs, cankles and ‘thigh gap’ that…

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Making headlines

Believe nearly everything you read...

Publlished on February 13, 2021


Authors share their favourite scenes of love and intimacy, and Kathy chooses Persuasion by Jane Austen.

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Aired on December 3, 2020

BBC Radio 4

As part of the 'Great Lives' series Kathy chooses Hollywood's 'queen of the quip', Mae West. First played out in 2005.

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Aired on November 20, 2020


Kathy joined Jo Elvin and Richard Eden to talk about all things related to The Crown.

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My gallery

I’ve added some of my favourite photos to a gallery for you of the people who are my human wonder bras – uplifting and supportive and making me look bigger and better. There may be a few faces here you recognise – but nobody two-faced, that’s for sure. Now you’ll know the things I get up to when I should be writing….

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