Sexing up a Corona cure


We may have to take the word “men’” out of Mensa because it is women who are outsmarting the clever coronavirus. In every country in the world, men are more likely to be admitted to hospital and are more likely to die. Scientists are now exploring a potential new treatment: female sex hormones.

Our species boasts more robust immune defences, better responses in vaccine and drug trials and fewer genetic abnormalities. We also live longer than men. (Although, as I’ve said before, that’s so typical of blokes, isn’t it? Leaving all the cleaning up to a woman.)

In the light of these biological facts, medical trials in America are now prescribing oestrogen and progesterone patches to help men cure corona. And if it works, even the most butch blokes will be lining up for inoculation.

In other words, we might be on the cusp of a feminisation of the world. And the result can’t be any worse that the mess those macho men have got us into. What with the burning of rainforests by bullish Bolsonaro; Trump and Kim Jung-un waving their huge phallic missiles at each other; the geographical kleptomania of rootin’, tootin’, shootin’ Putin’; financial melt downs fuelled by testosterone-addled, risk-addicted male bankers and the general hot air over climate change – a more compassionate, collegiate female approach to global problem solving is clearly needed.

Even hardened misogynists can’t argue with the fact that the countries who’ve managed the coronavirus crisis most successfully are predominantly run by women – Germany, New Zealand, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Denmark…

Men absorbing female hormones would not just improve life on the world stage but at home too. Hubbies will start pitching in with the housework, which is of course, clearly in their interests. Not only is it scientifically proven that no woman ever shot her husband while he was ironing, the greatest aphrodisiac for any female is a man in a cooking apron.

Speaking of sex, women will no longer have to fake orgasms either because men, made more considerate by hormones, will no longer fake foreplay.

Think of it, girls. With men becoming more empathetic, we’d never again be condescended to by car mechanics, exploited by tradesmen or have to say to a boss “here are your eyeballs. I found them in my cleavage.” Nor will we be groped on public transport. In fact, fairer, more reasonable males will no longer offer us their seats on the bus. Nope, they’ll be offering us their seats on the board.

And what fun to hear beardy blokes putting the whine into “wine bar” as they drink colourful cocktails and angst over how the hell they’re going to juggle kids and careers; followed by the self critical mantra of “Am I too fat?” “Am I too old?” “If I go back to work will my child grow up to collect Nazi memorabilia?”

Some fellas only seem to have two emotions – hungry or horny; if you see him without an erection, you make him a burger. Well, imagine these same guys suddenly crying in “Sleepless in Seattle”? Imagine male lawyers no longer re-brutalising rape victims with “she asked for it” insinuations? (In a murder trial nobody ever says – “Yes, it was consensual death.”) And the greatest patriarchy of all, the Church, will stop blaming Eve for the whole Garden of Eden eviction and put that treacherous snake on trial for entrapment.

So, bring on those hormones. Not only to save our beloved menfolk but also mother nature, who needs some tenderness. Also, with so many couples threatening to spit up after lockdown, perhaps hormones could literally put the ‘patch’ into men and women finally patching up our differences.

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