International Women’s Day


On 8th March 2012, as part of International Women’s Day, I took part in the “Join me on the Bridge” campaign in London. Women and men gathered on bridges all around the world to take a stand for peace and equality. We were part of 215 events in 59 countries, on 7 continents.

On the border between Rwanda and DRC, two trees were planted, symbolising peace and sustainable development for both countries. In Nigeria 900 women from 8 communities danced in celebration. There was a peaceful walk through Enugu, ending in the stadium where there were speeches and a one-minute silence for those killed in recent bombs in Nigeria and around the world.

In South Sudan about 1,500 women, men and children followed a peace band across the Kubur William Bridge, which divides the two Dinka tribes (Agar and Gaak). 200 incredibly brave women marched through Kabul. Men and women gathered together in Pakistan on the Red Bridge in Kaipur showing their messages of peace. In Rome the U.S. Ambassador to United Nations Food and Agriculture Agency addressed the crowds. In Antarctica, men and women gathered on a boat holding their banners proudly.  In Mexico women and children wrote messages of peace. In Seville a crowd gathered for a concert on Ponte de Triana.  In Krakow in Poland they organised a flashmob.  And people gathered on bridges across the US, from Brooklyn Bridge to Golden Gate in San Francisco. In the UK alone there were 70 events. In London, surrounded by thousands of supporters, we marched across Millennium Bridge with Gaggle (an all-female choir) to the Royal Festival Hall for the most inspiring speeches .

Any woman who calls herself a post feminist has obviously kept her wonder bra and burnt her brains as we still have a long, long way to go. But we are crossing each bridge as we come to it.

If you’d like to know more about this initiative then head over here.

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