An interview with Kathy Lette about her new novel, Best Laid Plans

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Jules and I were so delighted to be asked onto Loose Women to talk about the inspiration behind my new novel Best Laid Plans.

It tells the story of an autistic boy’s search for love and intimacy – highlighting the fact that when it comes to sex, we all have special needs right? The novel is a comedic confection but the opening chapter in which a middle-aged, middle-class Mum  gets arrested while kerb-crawling to pick up a prostitute for her autistic son, is based on reality.

The interview was pre-recorded, and went really well. Jules , who plays Jason on BBC’s Holby City, was both charming and illuminating (he’s a great campaigner for autistic charities) but, unfortunately, half way through the screened interview, just as Julius started to speak, the sound evaporated. What’s worse, viewers presumed it was because Jules had said something inappropriate, which did cast autistic people in a bad light.

So, just to set the record straight, here is the full interview. And, as I’m sure you’ll see, Jules was poised and articulate and also, quite funny. I couldn’t be more proud of him and of what he’s achieved. And for helping me to promote not just my new novel, Best Laid Plans, (she says, dropping her own name!) but also for helping to take the stigma out of autism.


You can watch the full interview here


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