The Trump-Ectomy (Plus a shameless book plug)


So, are you ready to cancel your subscription to 2021? Have you tried the two week free trial and find that you’re not satisfied in any way, shape or form? Join the club. As if COVID hasn’t been hideous enough, we then had the Trump-inspired insurrection. After the initial horror of the attempted coup, as whole flocks of chickens came home to roost, I just cracked open a large bottle of schadenfreude, didn’t you?

Nancy Pelosi is just glorious; a masked Valkyrie riding to the rescue on her high horse. Like Nancy, I just can’t wait to see Trump in prison. At least his fake tan will match his orange day-glo jumpsuit. And, what with 6 bankruptcies, 4,000 plus lawsuits, 11 charges of sexual assault, 5 kids from 3 different marriages, mobster and Russian mafia backing – the Don is going to feel right at home behind those high walls.

As for QAnon’s conspiracy theory that all democrats are satanic Paedophiles, um….have you ever seen anyone look more like a satanic paedophile than that drongo in horns, animal skins and hate tatts who broke into the Capitol?

Remember the days when we thought “The House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey, was far-fetched? After Trump’s vile and cynical insurrection, that programme now seems as tame as an episode of Neighbours. Every morning I tune into the most riveting show on Telly – America.

If Trump calls COVID the “China disease”, then the world should call Trump the “America disease” – because he’s a two-legged virus; a super spreader of lies and sedition. With no vaccine.

But a Trump-ectomy is on the way. When the Imploding Orange Soufflé of Piffle is finally frogmarched out of the Whitehouse, I just hope he accidentally sits on the paper shredder while it’s going full speed.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the need of some light relief, (WARNING – Incoming – Shameless Book Plug approaching ) my publishers have just re-issued three of my favourite best sellers – “The Boy Who Fell To Earth,” “To Love, Honour and Betray” and “How To Kill Your Husband – and other handy household hints“ – pictured here. Whether you’re spread eagled on a summer sand dune Down Under or curled up around a hot chocolate in Lockdown Britain, I hope they provide some comedic comfort in these crazy times.

Keep safe, sane and sanitised and I’ll see you on the Other Side.

Happy Reading.

Love Kathy x

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