Writing for The Simpsons… and hiding Julian Assange in the attic


The most quirky writing task I’ve had of late, was penning some dialogue for The Simpsons 500th episode. In typical delightfully subversive style, The Simpsons creators decided to include a cameo from Julian Assange. Julian and The Simpsons producers asked me rewrite his scene and dialogue. I guess they just wanted to add a little Aussie irony to the script. (Julian does not suffer from an irony deficiency.)

I use to write sitcoms for Columbia Pictures on the long running series “The Facts of Life”, so was happy to dash off a quip or two. Julian stayed here in my attic for a little while. (As my husband is a human rights lawyer, I regularly have curious house guests – various dissidents and exiled opposition leaders, James Hewitt, Salman Rushdie, Julian Assange ­ basically I’ve had everyone in my attic, except Anne Frank.) Anyway, it was during that time Julian admitted to me that he didn’t read much fiction. He got to know my writing when he was on remand because I sent in a package of my novels with a note saying how pleased I was now to have such a “captive audience.” Literally.

I haven’t seen the final version, but my best joke (I thought, though I could be delusional) was when I got Marg to ask Julian for his recipe at a barbecue and he replies “I never reveal my sauces”.

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